Sweet October

October is my favorite month.  There are always a few warm days, but the season truly begins to change and we see these changes all around us.  The colors of the trees, hats and mittens make their appearance and we become surrounded by pumpkins.  From pumpkin spice tea to pumpkin bread to carved pumpkins on the front steps - it tells us fall is here.  And don't forget all of the delicious apples.  We were lucky enough to spend one of the warm days picking some right from the tree.  I'm a little sad to see October end, but it's been another memorable one for us.


new projects

While January was for cleaning out the clutter, I am hoping that February will be about creating.  A new quilt and sweater (yummy yarn here) are in the works.  The beginning of a new project is always so exciting for me.  Watching it grow and, hopefully, transform from the raw materials to the cozy quilt or warm sweater that I envision.  Mistakes will be made, but learning usually takes place along with those mistakes.  How many knitting projects have I had to tear out more than once and begin again?  Too many to count!  But, by the end, I may know how to do something new and it then all seems worth it.